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Egyptian Company for engineering and concrete of the first companies working in this area in 6th October
Founded in 1982 - so it was the first company contributed to the production of ready-mixed concrete in the early stages of the establishment of the city and continued to contribute to the establishment and the establishment of more factories and companies and projects of existing housing in the city so far.
And the company has evolved considerably since its inception until now turning it from a partnership to a limited liability company in 2002 after the re-evaluation and from ownership of one mixing station to three central confusion stations on 6th October City (two in each of the mixing region and the third industrial East of the site's smoke) and also in a Burj Al Arab and Ongoing implementation of the fourth mixing station in the stores area on 6th October and all stations will be operated by computer to achieve the highest degree of accuracy with the quality of the product as well as plants at the highest level of modern technology to conduct the necessary tests on the concrete and may the author of this development in the activity of a similar development in the company's sales, which amounted in the last budget (2008) to about 120 million pounds.
The company have a fleet of the mixing concrete vans and pumps (36 mixing vans and 9 pumps) as well as the company has a maintenance workshop and a separate area of approximately 4000 sqm.
The company has numerous transactions with major contracting companies, known inside and outside the cities of the sixth of October and Sheikh Zayed City and the Burj Al Arab and proud of the unprecedented by any company operating in this area, for example:

- Draft October 6 University - Media Production City
- The company's Eastern Company (the sixth of October, and Burj Al Arab) - Draft Dreamland
- Smart Village - Factory Air Union - Balance of factory-Rashidi

Basic data: the Egyptian Company for Concrete and Engineering
Legal entity: limited liability company with the Commercial Registration No.: 398
Director in charge: Engineer / Hashim Hashim Maher
Headquarters Address: 6th October City - the third industrial zone - a piece of No. 165
Telephone No. (1): 38339655 Telephone No.(2): 38332080 Fax: 38333265